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PDF Download Page

Thank you for your purchase! Your printable PDFs can be downloaded using the link below.


* Last updated: March 2, 2020

Please bookmark this page, as I will update it with more PDFs when new tutorials are written. Thank you for your support! A link to this download page can also be found in the included “read me” file.

Download Instructions

Step 1: Right click the link and hit “save link as”

Step 2: A window will open. Select a save location and hit “save”

Step 3: Navigate to where you saved the file on your computer

Step 4: Right-click the file titled “RapidFireArt_PDF_Tutorials_v5” and click “unzip” or “extract all”. If the option does not present itself, download a free unzipping software such as 7zip and try again. You may need to restart your computer.


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5 thoughts on “PDF Download Page”

  1. thank you very much Darlene, really looking forward to getting into this…looks great so far!!
    with more time at home, no excuse now.
    thanks again

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