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Super Affordable Drawing Tablet Review – Veikk S640

Great drawing tablet that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

1 hour speed drawing using the Veikk S640

The Veikk S640 drawing tablet was sent to me by GearBest to review. At first, I wasn’t expecting much out of this drawing tablet because of the price. My initial thought was “I better lower my expectations because the price is so darn cheap”.

Lemme tell you… I did NOT expect this tablet to perform as well as it did!

Let’s start with the unboxing!

The minimalistic packaging contains:

⦁ 1 battery-free stylus with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
⦁ Felt stylus sleeve
⦁ 5.3″ x 8.5″ drawing tablet with built-in 57″ long USB cable
⦁ 10 extra stylus nibs
⦁ 1 nib remover
⦁ Instruction manual
⦁ Driver download information sheet

It’s basically a plug-and-play device. I was able to use it instantly after plugging it into my Windows 10 laptop via USB. Also, downloading the driver from their website was really straight forward — no searching under rocks for the right one!

After drawing a 1 hour long portrait, I found the tablet and stylus extremely natural to use and the pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity and responsiveness is honestly comparable to expensive “professional” tablets! I LOVE that it does what it needs to do without all the bells and whistles and at SUCH an affordable price. It’s freaking ridiculous!

It’s a quick scratchy drawing, but judging from the tablet’s performance, I can definitely use it to create professional commission pieces.

I’ve been using it to do other tests as well as browse the internet for more than 2 hours and so far, it has been great! My only complaint regarding software is when the stylus travels to the very edge of the screen, the cursor is stuck there for less than half a second before it becomes active again. I rarely travel to the edges of the screen while I draw, so I didn’t experience this during the speed drawing process.

I experienced absolutely no lag and the tilt sensitivity allows me to draw even at a 25 degree angle.

Here are some pressure sensitivity test strokes:


The stylus has 2 buttons which can be programmed to do various standard functions as shown below.

After using it with light to medium pressure for about 3 hours, the nib still looks completely brand new and the tablet surface remains unscratched.

Some people might prefer a more textured surface, but I love the smooth texture so much. The stylus just glides across the surface so effortlessly.

The tablet itself is 2mm thick on the drawing surface and 6mm thick along the side where the cable is attached, which makes a great hand grip when I’m using it on my lap. Its 4″ x 6″ active area is marked out by very faint white lines that are a little difficult to make out.

The material making up the drawing surface provides a sturdy structure to draw on and handle. It’s also super thin and light, which makes it very portable.

Overall, the tablet’s simplistic design is just so refreshing!


The bottom has 4 super effective rubber grips that are stuck on there very very well (tried sliding them off with my finger and they wouldn’t budge). Again, I’m honestly very impressed by this tablet and build quality for the price!

The only cons are…

  • The stylus buttons are too finicky, travel is too shallow for my preference, and it would be better if they were raised by an additional millimeter or more to make them easier to find.
  • A rubber grip on the stylus would be nice to prevent it from spinning while in use, which causes the buttons to move away from my thumb (the digit I use to press the buttons).
  • When the cursor/stylus travels to the very edge of the screen, the cursor is stuck for less than half a second.
  • No touchpad capability
  • Double-clicking is difficult unless you hold the stylus very still. Any lateral movement will make the tablet register your double-click as a single click. To combat this, I’ve programmed one of the buttons to double-click.

Honestly though, I think the pros far outweigh the cons, especially if you’re just starting out.


For the price, this is a truly amazing drawing tablet! If you’re interested in digital art and have been turned off by the expensive tablet prices out there, this one is a very affordable one to get you started. It’s definitely possible to create professional drawings on this tablet, whether it be for your own pleasure or for a paid client.

If you want to find out more about it, please click here. GearBest is having a sale at the moment and a September treasure hunt event as well.


Side Note:

If you’re using this tablet in GIMP, remember to enable stylus pressure under Edit > Input Devices. Then select “VEIKK Tablet Pressure Stylus” from the left menu and in the “Mode” dropdown menu, select “Screen” and hit save.

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4 thoughts on “Super Affordable Drawing Tablet Review – Veikk S640”

  1. I enjoy illustrating as a hobby so I would like to give this veikk S640 or XP-Pen Deco Mini7 tablet a try. which one do you recommend!

  2. That looks like a great tablet! Thanks for the suggestion!
    But I would go for a XPPen, as a professional digital sculptor I use the Star G640 model also had the Deco 01 V2… You get a lot for what you pay. I rather get more bang for my buck!

  3. Wow it really looks so nice. Plus it’s super affordable. Thanks for this review. It will now lessen my Downloads apps to my tablet.

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