Hey! This is a new corner on RFA for some of my video tutorials. Feel free to browse around and leave some suggestions or video requests in the comment box below. Click here to check out my YouTube channel and discover many more videos! Don’t forget to subscribe so you know when a new video is published!

16 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. Hello from Finland! I just love your tutorial videos!! Thank you so much. Videos are easy to follow and everything really well a explained. I am really happy that I find your videos. I have just started painting again and these are very good practise for me.
    Can you please make a video of drawing a human skull?
    You are very talented and very nice voice to listen.

  2. Maxime Hurtubise

    Been good in drawing doesnt mean you good at teaching it. Almost spend 600$ on Proko website to learn from, until I saw your hyper realistic eye video and realised you are sooo much better at teaching than he does.

    And i guess you’ll sell hundred and hundred, at for 4$ a pop, and he’ll sell few of his super expensive course.

    My english is not that good, i like the way you do thing, with drawing exemple, at every step, you got the teaching skill in you.

    Je recommence a peintre de nouveau
    on te suit
    pour etre suivi il faut courir plus vite que les autres et tu cours vite

  4. I feel like I hit the jackpot today. I’m just starting over after a 30 year hiatus and was searching for instruction that wouldn’t be so far down the rabbit hole it would lose me. This is it in spades. Great job, Darlene. Seeing the dates of the other posts, I hope you are still creating and instructing. Still, what I’ve found here is excellent and has helped me to remember techniques I used to know. Again great job, Darlene and thanks so much for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

  5. I Appreciate everything you have shared here. It’s a big help for all of us. Thank you and congratulations for your talent. May you achieve your goals and dreams!

  6. Hi
    I would like to have some information on grid drawing. In particular self portrait grid drawing. Would you have any tutorials on this.

    Kind regards

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