Lesson 1: How to Sketch

How to Sketch for Beginners

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Drawing is simply the process of layering shapes, lines, scribbles and values on top of each other until you get your desired result.

In this first lesson, we’re going to focus on the process of sketching. If you can make a mark on a piece of paper, you can learn how to sketch! You don’t need to be able to draw straight lines or perfect circles in order to be an artist.

Introduction to Sketching

Sketching is the process of roughly scribbling an idea on paper. It allows you to bring your ideas to life quickly so you can save time in the long run. It’s a great way to brainstorm!

learn to sketch for beginners _ bike exampleThe awesome thing about sketches is that they usually blend in or fade away while you continue to build upon the concept of your drawing.

So don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

This stage is meant for exploration! When I make a mistake, I find ways to use that mistake to my advantage. If I can’t, I’ll simply move on.

sketching for beginners _ bike example 2
Can you tell this sketch was created using one of the rough sketches above?


How to Sketch

It’s best to use free flowing lines that are loosely and lightly drawn. To do that, adjust your grip on the pencil so that your hand is relaxed instead of tense. If your hand usually gets tired after you’ve drawn for less than an hour, you’re probably gripping it too tightly.

how to sketch for beginners _ dos and dontsIt’s okay if your lines are wobbly because you may not be used to drawing certain lines and curves yet. Drawing is very different from writing, so you’ll need to improve your muscle memory by drawing as frequently as you can!

When making an initial sketch, you’ll want to leave your perfectionism behind and focus on general shapes. Think about the size, shape, angle, etc. The last thing you want to think about is detail!


Let’s Sketch Something Together!

Since this is a sketching tutorial for beginners, I’m using my left hand (non-dominant hand) to show you that you don’t need to have good control of your hand in order to sketch well.

Step 1: Sketch a circle loosely

How to sketch a circle 1
My lines are so wobbly!

I sketched a circle using a bunch of loosely drawn lines. Don’t worry if your lines are going in weird directions. It’s likely that you’re not going to draw something perfect the first time around. That’s totally fine! Remember, we’re supposed to work in layers.

Step 2: Refine the shape

After your initial sketch, find areas that need improvement and sketch over it until you get closer to your desired result.

Step 3: Keep refining

Keep repeating that step until you get even closer to what you want.

Tip: You can rotate your sketch book to help your eyes look at the shape differently. You might spot some obvious areas that need fixing.

Step 4: Define the shape

Happy with how it looks overall? Use more confident lines to define the shape of your circle. You can erase the scribbly lines or let them disappear naturally as you continue to work on your drawing.


Like That Example? Here are Some More!

How to Sketch_Beginners Sketching Examples RFAAfter drawing all these examples and more using my non-dominant hand, I noticed some big improvements!

I got used to moving my elbow and shoulder joint to draw which gave me much smoother lines. If you look at the images in the example above, you’l notice that my lines gradually become a lot less wobbly.

I thought it would be fun to show you the difference between a sketch made with my left versus right hand:

How to Sketch Portraits _ Left Hand vs Right HandAgain, you don’t need to be good at drawing straight lines or have amazing control of your pencil in order to be able to sketch. Having good control just means that your drawing will look cleaner and in turn more precise.

Your Homework Assignment

Things to remember while you draw:

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist
  2. Focus on the overall shape instead of the details
  3. Use a gentle amount of pressure

Assignment #1:

Fill an entire page in your sketchbook, following the steps in this lesson.

Step 1: Sketch Loosely

Step 2: Refine the shape

Step 3: Refine it further

Step 4: Define the desired shape

Find objects to draw around the house, outside or from a quick google search on “random objects”. Once you fill an entire page in your sketchbook, fill another one.

My challenge to you: If you can draw 50 things in your sketchbook and submit it to the facebook page, I’ll feature your artwork down below!

Here are some ideas for you to draw:

  1. Fork
  2. Apple
  3. Banana
  4. Laptop
  5. Jacket
  6. Hat
  7. Your hand
  8. Your foot
  9. Your eye
  10. Key
  11. Lamp
  12. Cat
  13. Dog
  14. Bird
  15. Boat
  16. Tree
  17. Flower
  18. Car
  19. Helicopter
  20. Plane
  21. Alligator
  22. Person jumping
  23. Person sitting
  24. Person standing
  25. My avatar picture


Done the assignment?

Let me know if/how you improved and how this lesson helped you draw better!

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Update: Click here for lesson 2

Have any questions? Drop them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you shortly!


Readers Who Completed the Challenge!

Pamela Gail Rowell

Nika Andrienko

Firoz Wadud <– he drew 80!!

Chris Brown


Nykesha Guinita


Anahita Sharma


Ritwik Verma


Guylene Antoine


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  1. Hi Darlene,
    I doubt you’re going to see this in 2020. I’m always interested in drawing and finally quarantine life brought me here. I really searched for online art lessons before landing here but there were all costly. I was really happy to come across this and I’m actually trying out. Thank you so much for this. I’m from NAIROBI, KENYA.
    God bless :)

  2. Hii Darlene , my name is Ankita n I want too learn more about sketches n drawing like creative type becz I want to beacame a cartoon artists one so u can help me ? I love drawing n sketches bt m very poor about I this line so plzz can u help me .

  3. Hi Darlene,
    Thank you for the amazing lesson. I’ve been drawing for a long time and am using this as a refresher, plus there are certain things I’m not good at, at all. I just started tonight and I’m really excited. I’m also glad we don’t have to do this with our non-dominant hand, I’m horrible. Actually, not quite as bad as I thought I’d be, but I did learn a few things doing that. I’m a veteran and haven’t been able to go to my groups because of all of this and this has been great to get me back into this. Plus I’m also writing a novel and loving all this time to do this. I don’t usually have this kind of time!!! Please stay safe, and again, great lessons. From Vermont!

  4. I’m a Fine and applied Arts students from Nigeria (Africa) and I’ve learnt alot during this Quarantine period…. Thank You Darleene!! You da best.

  5. Hi miss Darlene! thank you for your tutorials on youtube! it helps me a lot mostly in this tough time. God bless you more and hope I can contact you through private messages to ask you some advices about my drawings :)

  6. Hello Darlene, I have drawn a couple of video classes on YouTube. I was surprised how well I did to the point my granddaughter’s Art teacher invited me to come to her school and class as a visiting artist (big eyes). I wouldn’t consider myself an artist just yet. I need to get the beginnings under my belt and found this website off one of your videos. I can’t wait to get started and share with you my drawings. Thank you so much for these free lessons. Please keep up the good work, because I sure don’t want to lose a wonderful teacher like you.

  7. Hi Darlene my name is Salome. Thanks for this tutorial. I am beginner, and would like to learn drawing. I hope your lessons can help me. Right now situation is giving me and not just me the more time to have find new skills. (I hope you are safe) as a beginner I did your first lesson. I have been done some paintings and want to share it, can I share them and find out your opinions?
    Thank you in advance.
    Best wishes Salome.

  8. Hello Darlene. I really wanna learn how to draw and your lessons look pretty good. My only problem is that I don’t have facebook so is it possible for me to reach you anywhere else?

  9. hello, Darlene, I am new to this site but so far it has been amazing!! I am still new to drawing and or sketching but I want to work with cartoonish drawings as well for example Disney or Pixar animators. if you know how to draw like those or any recommendations, please. By the way, I am a 6th grader and I really admire your work!!

      • On the top of the page, (if you scroll all the way to the top) there should be a bar with the following options: START HERE, DRAWING TUTORIALS, EXCLUSIVE TUTORIALS, TOOLS, GALLERY, VIDEOS.

        Click on TOOLS to find recommended art supplies.

  10. Hi ma’am! I’m really interested in learning free hand outline and model drawing. Yr lessons r really a boon for me! I have a question which bugs my mind. Y some of the artists suggest to try grid method to adapt angles and strokes at first? I find it difficult. If it is the right way of practicing then should I do more grid work or just concentrate on curves, angles followed by shapes? These primary level confusions questions my basic abilities on drawing. Pls help.. thanks in advance :)

  11. Hi Darlene,

    My Name Is Htoo Aung (Not A Name Most People Have) And I Was Wondering If You Had Any Tips For Drawing With My Left Hand, As It Is My Dominant Hand.

    • I am also dominant with my left hand and this could be helpful but I am not sure that it is much different from right-handed dominance. except we get some smudge marks on the side of our hands if you know what I mean!!

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    Finally taking the time to try improving my sketching – love lesson 1 so far.

  16. Hi,
    Do we have to start sketching with our non-dominant hand, or should we do it with the routine one ?

    • The non-dominant hand thing is a fun thing to try (I just did it to encourage people who find they have lack of control when drawing).
      I’d recommend beginners use their dominant hand because it will be a lot easier and faster to learn with.

  17. hello there.. i am stephen, and im intrested in pencil art.
    I love drawing but i still have poor skills to become better in drawing, but i can see that just in lesson 1 it shows so many ares which i have fail in, thank you so much.
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    I have to say, in this world, we need people like you
    You are simply the best.
    If you ever need my help please do not hesitate to contact me I can create you more beautiful and Professional website for FREE

  26. It is 2019 and I am the first to comment this year. I came across this website just recently and wanted to learn to draw well. I have health issues that took away a lot of my ability to use my dominant hand, so everything I draw is still shaky.

    I went to film school at an art college, and had to take classes in art, but they went with the presumption that we could already draw. I have been on many tutorial sites, and yours is the only one so far that doesn’t expect a perfect circle with perfect lines right at the beginning.

    Your tutorials seem very easy to follow, I appreciate that because my learning style has to be straightforward with no other subtle instructions that would throw me off.

    I am using a Wacom Bamboo pen table, it is several years old and a little scratched, but it is effective enough for what I am trying to learn. I have tried many times to draw from other tutorials and just could not seem to get it. Thank you for teaching more like an artist. And thank you for your patience to get across all the information.

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    Thanks for posting this. Hopefully I’ll learn a lot more by following along in these lessons.

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  31. Lesson #1 completed.
    After completing the first lesson I see improvement. I am now viewing objects in terms of basic shapes to start a scetch, this is something I was not doing before. When I begin a scetch with basic circles, rectangles, cones etc. it helps me to keep my proportions acurate and see the potential to make my scetch appear more 3 dimensional.
    I will post my sketches to the Facebook page in messages.
    I look forward to future lessons

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    You are awesome, the best drawing teacher. Also, thanks for the FREE LESSONS, you have a golden heart. No wonder you’re a darling to all art lovers. Lots of love and well wishes. And Thanks again.

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    I thoroughly enjoy your teaching style. It’s simple to follow and the goals you set are achievable.

    So, Derwents, sketch pad and eraser in hand, I have started on my sketching journey to see where it may lead. Thanks for your fabulous website. I already have a page of sketches completed and am all fired up!

    • Amazing! Glad you took the initiative to try your hand at it again. Any skill can be learned as long as you are willing to set aside time to practice and practice often :)

  42. Hi, Darlene – This will be a short comment on your excellent drawing lesson and a longer one on the comments section, which literally made me cry. I read every single one. They are from all over the world and from people whose voices show goodness, positivity, humility, hopefulness and gratitude – to name just a few of the qualities that will ultimately bring us out of the tribalistic funk so pervasive right now. There really are way more loving, kind and caring people than there are negative ones and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your site at this moment and gotten to know you and share a glimpse of so many others of cheerful spirit. It has made me remember what a wonderful, beautiful place our little planet is. Cheers to you and to all who accept your generosity with thankful hearts. I love you, sweetie.

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    I love the way you teach, very easy to grab the concepts. Can you tell me how do I upload my sketches I do not use FB. Thanks!!

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    “I have a request if you could send a PDF version of all your lessons, so that they can be practiced offline and sometimes net connectivity is poor”.

    Warm Regards

    • Hi Kavita! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for your support and kind words, you are really sweet :)
      I will send you the PDF’s via the email you provided. Let me know if you have any questions!

  45. Also, if you have another way to submit besides facebook, I would love to send you my sketches! (I’m a recovering facebook addict and not looking to get back on it…)

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    This is Ankit from India.
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    I even tagged you on insta with my first sketch im years. @ank.sin

    • Well, if you are good on copying things from paper or screen but aren’t good from drawin real things, why don’t you take a picture of them with your cellphone and then copying from it? You could also cut a square off from a paper and then use it as a frame pointed to the real object.

      In other words, just try to force your brain to see things differently

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    • I LOVE how you took that experience and turned it into motivation, Carmela. I hope you’re finding these lessons helpful. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. I’m more than happy to help you out :)

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    • Don’t give up Charmaine! If you have a passion for it, keep pursuing it or you’ll never forgive yourself. If you get stuck or have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m here to help :)

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    • Wow what a compliment, Dean! I hope I don’t disappoint with the upcoming lessons!
      Lesson 1 is meant to build confidence so people are not discouraged when their sketch doesn’t turn out the way they want it from the get-go. I hope lesson 2 solves some of your current struggles. I find that practicing on a daily basis is great for retaining muscle memory. Keep practicing :)

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    • Thanks for taking your time to comment, Moses. It really means a lot to me! I look forward to seeing your progress :)

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    • Wow, all the way from Venezuela! Welcome to RFA by the way!
      This course shouldn’t take very long to complete. If you find yourself in a roadblock at any point, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help you out :)

      That’s neat! I rarely come across people with the same name as me. Is your daughter also interested in visual arts?