How to draw stubble

how to draw stubble

*This is an exclusive tutorial*

In this tutorial on drawing stubble, I will cover: stroke quality, stroke curvature, stroke direction/ hair flow, root placement, teach you how to draw white and blonde stubble and finally walk you through a full step by step tutorial on how to draw short stubble on the face.

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to draw realistic and well placed stubble on the face.


Stroke Quality

Stubble Hair Close-Up

Let’s get into why stubble looks the way it does. The definition of stubble is hair that has been shaved and grown back after a few days. The keywords here are “has been shaved”. When you draw stubble, make sure you do not lift your pencil up swiftly after the end of each stroke. You want each hair to end bluntly as though it has been cut.


  1. These are such amazing tutorials by a very talented artist! I email Darlene often and always get a reply, I feel my drawing has greatly improved thanks to these tutorials and thanks to her helpful comments, tips and encouragement via email! I really cannot praise or indeed thank her enough. So I would encourage everyone to give these a go