How to draw a face from 3/4 view


*This is an exclusive tutorial*

Darlene here with another awesome tutorial! Wanna learn how to properly draw faces from the 3/4 view? Let me show you how in 11 easy steps.

If you enjoyed my other two face drawing tutorials, you’ll love this one as well!

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UPDATE: I wanted to add more value to this tutorial, so I added another section at the very end so you get two tutorials in one! The first part is how to draw a male face from the 3/4 view and the second (bonus section) is for the female face.

The second part includes additional information which you can also apply to drawing male faces as well.

How to draw a female face 3 Quarter View RFA Step by step 7_2This tutorial will help you:

  • Draw faces in the 3/4 view with accuracy and solid proportions
  • Be able to draw ‘portraits‘ with more accuracy and spot obvious mistakes in your current and past work
  • Draw realistic faces without having to reference anything! If you suffer from the curse of not being able to draw a face without looking at a picture, it’s because you need this tutorial. It’s a game changer. I promise!

A word of advice before you start: Try the tutorial at least 3-5 times before you throw your hands up in the air and give up.


Step 1


  1. Thanks for the tutorial Darlene! Super helpful. And the bonus content was great. Appreciate you sharing your skills with us!

  2. I like how your tutorials are thorough, clear and well organized. That makes them easy to understand and follow. I purchased your “How to Draw a Face From 3/4 View” and not only do you give a link to the complete tutorial but also include a link to a printable .pdf file! $4 is a bargain, less than a fancy cup of coffee.

    • Thanks for your feedback Den! I’m going to add more content to this tutorial (female face 3/4 view), I expect to finish it before the end of the month. Don’t forget to check back here later for the big update :)