How to draw lips – 10 easy steps

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In this tutorial I will teach you how to draw lips in 10 easy steps using a simple triangle shape. You can create different kinds of lips by making small changes in the first step. I came up with this method one day by somehow associating a pair of lips with a bow and arrow haha.

I always receive messages from readers who have tried this tutorial and say it works great for them. I hope it works for you too! Enjoy!

I will be using the following materials for this tutorial:

– Mechanical Pencil with 0.5mm HB Ain lead
Derwent Graphic 6B Pencil
Kneaded Eraser
Blending Stump (learn how to use a blending stump here)
Smooth Bristol Paper

How to Draw Lips

Step 1: Draw a Triangle

how to draw lips 3

Draw a long isosceles triangle. Partway down draw a curve (similar to a “u” shape). Draw a straight horizontal line between the “u” shape and the base of the triangle. The longer you draw the horizontal line, the wider the lips will be. The shorter the line, the more plump they will be.

“But what if I want to draw this on a face, Darlene?” Check out my tutorial on drawing faces to find out where you should place your triangle. It covers proportions and will help you determine how long the triangle should be as well as how wide the lips should extend taking other elements of the face into consideration.

Step 2: Draw a bow

how to draw lips 4

Create the outlines for the top lip by making a shape that looks similar to a cupid’s bow.

Step 3: Draw the bottom lip

how to draw lips 5

Create the bottom lip by drawing a curved line which goes no further than the triangle’s base. Complete the opening of the mouth by using the horizontal line as a guide.

Step 4: Decide on the light direction

how to draw realistic lips 6

how to draw realistic lips 7

After erasing the triangle, determine where the light source is coming from. For this example, the light source is coming from the top right. I’ve outlined the areas I want to highlight as well as added a cast shadow on left side of the bottom lip.

Step 5: Shade the top and bottom lip

how to draw easy lips step by step 8

Shade both the top and bottom lip leaving the areas mentioned in STEP 4 the lightest. As you can see there is a dark shadow under the bottom lip. It starts to fade on the right side to show that the light source is coming from the upper right.

Step 6: Add lip wrinkles

how to draw lips 9

Create some lip wrinkles using a 0.5mm HB pencil. You don’t want to press too hard or else it will be difficult to achieve the effect in the next step.

Want to find out how to incorporate lip wrinkles in your drawing without making them look unnatural? Try the contour shading technique as mentioned in my shading tutorial :)

Step 7: Blend the bottom lip

how to draw lips 10

Using a blending stump (learn how to use one here), smooth out the shading on the bottom lip. Avoid areas mentioned in STEP 4. Those areas will make the lips appear more plump and round. You will notice that the lip wrinkles slowly start to blend in with the shading. But they shouldn’t disappear!

Step 8: Clean up highlights

how to draw easy lips 11

Go over the lighter areas with the pointed end of a kneaded eraser and clean up the highlights to create the glare effect.

STEP 9: Repeat

how to draw lips step by step 12

Repeat STEP 7-8 for the top lip.

Step 10: Touch ups

how to draw lips step by step 14

Using a 6b pencil, darken the shadows in areas such as the outer edges of the lips, under the bottom lip, the wrinkles and the corners of the lips.

You can change the size of the lips by moving the horizontal line up (to make the upper lip thin) or down (to make to make the upper lip thicker). Also, adding more glare will make the lips look even more plump.

Have any questions or requests? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t worry if your drawing doesn’t turn out the way you expected on the first try. Keep going at it and you will understand and grasp each step. It will become much easier! Also, don’t forget to experiment with different triangle shapes and positioning of the guides in STEP 2.

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