How to Draw: Free Beginner’s Course

How to DrawWant to learn how to draw but don’t know where to start? Are you frustrated with your slow progress and feel like you’ve hit a wall?

This free drawing course will guide you through a series of fun and easy tutorials which will develop your drawing skills quickly.

If you’re a seasoned artist, this course could be a great refresher! You might even learn something new.

My name is Darlene and I created this free drawing course because I want to provide beginners with all the resources to learn the skills they need without having to fork up loads of cash or rummage the web for bits and pieces.

Shout out to Nadia Adalath for inspiring me to create this course! Thank you :)

The unique thing about this course is that I’m going to use my non-dominate hand to learn along with you.

That means that I won’t have the same level of control as my right hand and will basically need to develop my drawing muscles from scratch! I want to prove to you that you can learn how to draw even if your writing looks like chicken scratch!

How to Draw _ Left vs Right hand

Some of the things you will learn:

  • How to draw the smart way
  • How to draw more realistically
  • How to draw what you see
  • How to shade realistically
  • How to draw with perfect proportions
  • And more!

Tools you’ll need to begin:

A sharp pencil, blank piece of paper and an open mind.

  • HB Pencil: Also known as #2 pencil
  • Any sketch paper
  • Eraser


How to Draw for Beginners: Course Outline

There are 5 levels in this free drawing course with a total of 10 lessons (I may decide to add more). Each lesson can be completed at your own pace and comes with a series of homework assignments.

You can submit your homework assignments on the RFA facebook page and get feedback from me and other students participating in the course, just like in a real classroom. It will be a great way to track your progress as well!

I like to date all of my work (yes, even if it’s bad) so that I can go back and see my improvements later. It’s really fun and I highly suggest you do it as well :)

If you want to make some suggestions on what to cover in future lessons, let me know. I’m always taking in new ideas and since these lessons are for YOU, I want them to be more personalized.

You can access all lessons from this page, so make sure to bookmark it in your browser. You can even subscribe to my mailing list to get notified when new lessons are posted!

Ready to start?


LEVEL 1: The Building Blocks of Art

Level 1 covers the very basics of drawing and why you don’t need to be perfect when it comes to sketching. You’ll learn how to draw faster and how to draw things that are more structurally sound.

Lesson 1: How to Sketch
If you can make a mark on a piece of paper, you can sketch!  –>  Go to lesson!

Lesson 2: Learn to see things differently
Learn how you can draw more accurately and quickly by breaking complicated objects down into simple shapes   –>  Go to lesson!

Lesson 3: Going from 2D to 3D
Step up your game and learn how to make your drawings go from 2D to 3D using various techniques.   –>  Go to lesson!


LEVEL 2: The Devil’s in the Details

Level 2 allows you to really pay attention to what you’re drawing and how you can make even your line drawings look realistic!

Lesson 4: How to draw with accurate proportions
Learn 4 awesome techniques to get your proportions more accurate.   –>  Go to lesson!

Lesson 5: Common Drawing Mistakes and How to Fix Them
Are you paying enough attention? Learn how to analyze your artwork and easily identify areas that could use improvement    –>  Go to lesson!


LEVEL 3: Techniques to Step Up Your Game

Lesson 6: Introduction to Linear Perspective
Learn how you can draw unique scenes with people using one-point and two-point linear perspective –> Go to lesson!

Lesson 7: Introduction to Line Quality
Learn how to further enhance your drawings by varying your line weight  –> Go to lesson!


LEVEL 4: How to Shade Realistic Textures

Lesson 8: Introduction to shading techniques

Learn four different shading techniques to shade a variety of realistic textures –> Go to lesson!

Lesson 9: Learn how to shade

Learn 7 simple steps so you can start shading today! –> Go to lesson!


LEVEL 5: Wrapping it all up

Lesson 10:  – Putting it all together

Learn how to put everything from lessons 1-9 into practice through 3 examples –> Go to lesson!


117 thoughts on “How to Draw: Free Beginner’s Course”

  1. I can’t seem to find a video from you about sketching a person from a photo i was curious if you have one. I enjoy your tutorials very much unfortunately the tablet im using leaves much to be desires would you suggest buying a wacom one like you have?

    1. Hi Daniel, there’s no need to sign up. You can just click on the lesson links to get started. I don’t collect any of your information :) Cheers!

  2. Pls I am a beginner and I want to how to draw. So when will your next class begin? I would like to take your free course for beginners

      1. Hey so i want to learn anatomy and i did learn some stuff but it seem’s i just can’t get that next step and my drawings just suck so bad
        I used youtuber name he is quite good ( draw like a sir) tutorials but it does not click 🥲

  3. Sean W Seibert

    You are so very helpful and so very generous to share your talents with the world! A thousand thanks would not be enough – I have benefitted so very much from your instruction!

  4. so glad i found these ,, could draw as a child, couldnt for 25 years after apart from a month recently ,,
    had some life issues and just happened ,, drew lots of pictures im way more happy wit now than i was as i cant draw again n e more ,, found these ,, did tutorial 1, and 100 pieces of paper no less , later have 3 decentish family portraits and bobble head edition , i will send u my month could draw and a sample of my nows thanks to ur 1st tut

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