Tutorial PDF Downloads

All of my free tutorials can be downloaded for offline viewing.

If you want to download a tutorial for FREE, just navigate to the one you want and find the share to unlock section — usually near the top of each post.

If you want to get offline access to ALL of those tutorials, I’ve compiled them into a single download and you can purchase them in bulk. These PDFs are printable. The purchase includes PDFs of the content listed below:



IMPORTANT (please read before you purchase):

* Not included in the download are my exclusive tutorials which will soon be discontinued. If you have previously purchased them or have been a qualifying RFA Patreon member, you can still access them through your special links.

* After check-out, you will be re-directed to the download page. Please save/bookmark it for future use. Please ignore the automated email sent to your paypal address after purchase because it contains a false link (I am looking for a way to prevent this email from being sent).

* If Paypal did not redirect you to the download page after the purchase process, please contact me here.

* You do not need to purchase again to access new PDFs. New PDFs will be added as they come and you can download them at any time.

Thank you!