How to draw a nose from the front – 7 easy steps

how to draw the nose front view

Here is a very simple step by step tutorial on how to draw a nose from the front view. Below is a diagram of a nose broken down into 3 separate parts: the bridge, the nostrils and the ball or tip. Breaking things down into sections will make drawing noses a breeze! We will first use simple shapes/forms as guidelines to construct the shape of the nose and to maintain symmetry.

I will be using the following materials for this nose drawing tutorial:
– Mechanical Pencil with 0.5 mm HB lead by Ain (If you’re a beginner, it may be hard to shade with a mechanical pencil. You can use a blunt HB pencil for a smoother shading and blending experience).
Kneaded Rubber Eraser
– Blending Stump (Learn how to use one here)
Canson Bristol Paper (smooth side)

how to draw noses diagram RFA



How to Draw a Nose Step by Step

Step 1: Start with a circle

how to draw noses front view
Draw a circle for the ball of the nose and 2 curved lines on each side for the bridge. Keep the strokes light so they can be erased in later steps.

Step 2: Draw simple guidelines for the nose shape

how to draw noses front view 2
Draw a horizontal line through the middle of the circle and a diamond-like shape around it for the nostrils.

Step 3: Shade around the nose bridge and tip

how to draw noses front view 3
Shade around the outer part of the bridge and around the inner part of the circle, making a long “U” shape. You will notice the shading is thicker at the top of the bridge. That is because the bridge of the nose leads into the brow bones. Don’t worry if the guidelines you created earlier didn’t blend in with your shading. We will darken the drawing later.

Click here for a tutorial on how to draw a nose from the side

Step 4: Draw the nostrils

how to draw noses front view 4
Follow the diamond shape to create the nostrils. Now it’s starting to come together!


Step 5: Shade the nostrils

how to draw noses front view 5
Shade the nostrils and remember to leave some areas untouched so you can do some highlighting later.

If you’re having difficulties shading, click here!

Step 6: Shape the nose

how to draw noses front view 6
Shape and contour the bridge and ball of the nose. You can shade around the top of the circle to make the nose look pointer or shade the middle of the circle to give it a flatter look. Use the eraser to dab areas which appear too dark, any lines that show through or areas you want to highlight.


Step 7: Blend your shading

how to draw noses front view 7
Next, you want to use a blending stump (learn how to use a blending stump here) to gently blend out the skin and give it a softer look. Add some touch-ups and go over your highlighted areas once more with a kneaded eraser. You can try different diamond shapes as well as circles to create more unique nose shapes. Experiment with shading to achieve longer, flatter, or more defined noses and so on. Click here to check out my tutorial on how to draw a nose step by step from the side.


If you want to know where to place the nose on a face with correct proportions, check out my tutorial on drawing faces!

how to draw the nose front view

Hey! This tutorial now comes with a video! If you haven’t watched it yet, click here or press play below! The video is very detailed and contains many additional steps, examples and techniques:


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  1. Thanks Darlene! I really love your tutorials and they make my drawing look better! i think that i am a pretty good drawer because i am the best drawer in all of year 3 ( i am in your 3 and i am 9 yrs old)! Thank you! but can you do a tutorial for how to draw lips or eyelashes or ears? And Annie is my nickname.

  2. I love your tutorials, It is improving my art! Thank you so much! Maybe you could make a tutorial of drawing a dog.

  3. Hi Darlyen! This is an amazing tutorial! I loved it! I love all of your videos! They help me so much! I was thinking that maybe you could give me some tips and pointers on how to draw eyelashes?

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