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My name is Darlene Nguyen and I am a 26 year old Vietnamese Canadian portrait artist. I share free drawing tutorials and art related blog posts on my site. If you are not familiar with my Youtube channel, I work with a variety of mediums and materials to create fun and unique art projects. My goal is to capture the creative process from the first brush stroke all the way to the last and share it with you through short, timelapsed videos. Although it’s fun creating speed drawings, it’s also an incredibly long process – which is why it’s so rewarding to see it all come to life in just a matter of minutes. I hope you enjoy my tutorials and videos!

Darlene :)




  1. Hi Darlenne Nguyen , I liked all the video that you show us how to draw. I love your videos so much, its so beautiful, and creation.
    Pleased give us more Idea, lets us watch all the videos how to draw more. Thank you.

  2. 😍 your artwork!!!!!!!!! Please help me!! I am twelve years old and I am trying to teach myself how to realistically. Particularly human faces. Can you please give me some tips?

  3. Gracias por tu maravilloso aporte. buscaba un método fácil para dibujar la cabeza humana. Este para mi es el mejor. Gracias

  4. Hi Darlene nguyen, your artistic skills are amazing, and i’ll love be as good as u someday (if not better)…. i also wanted to suggest you creating a comic site or blog or something.. i reckon it will be interesting, thank you..cheers

  5. Hi Darlene Nguyen! Your artistic skills are good and yet to be admired by this world. I am a new so called “artist” and need some guidance to explore and fulfill the requirements for the flawless and divine lines to make art resistible for the viewers. You are a great teacher. You are just building up our newbie experience, so we can make artworks like you someday. Where I can follow your definitive tutorials?

    • Sure! I list a few types of smudging tools in this article: http://rapidfireart.com/2015/05/08/detailed-guide-how-to-use-a-blending-stump/

      There are many ways to smudge graphite. The rougher the tool is, the more texture you will get. If you use a thick brush, you will get hair-like strokes. A soft tissue or chamois will give you a very very soft effect. You can try smudging with various fabrics you have lying around, different types of cotton swabs or different types of paper (rolled up into an easy-to-handle blending tool like the one in the link above).

  6. Happy to learn at ur feet Darlene some things still not clear to me u can add me up on facebook little questions for u praise oluronke

  7. Hello Darlene, enjoying learning about your site, the work of others and the encouragement you provide. Thanks for allowing me to join!

  8. hi darlene!,

    my names jatarna and ive been on your website for a but over the last couple of days. i am so mind-blowed and so amazed with the artwork you’ve done. you inspire me to continue drawing each day. dont stop what you do, your a special and unique person. i personally love art because for me i love to express myself and even though when i try to sketch something and doesnt go well i always find it hard to look i dont know kind of realistic, espacially when it comes to facial features. when you first did art did you find it hard to draw or sketch? how do i improve?

    • Hi Jatarna! Welcome to RFA! When I first started drawing portraits, I was really discouraged because I was so awful. I thought it would be easy, but it was the exact opposite because I didn’t fully understand what I was drawing. It really helps to study anatomy so you can draw based on what you know as well as what you see. Another thing that helped me was drawing almost everyday and sharing my work with strangers because they offer more honest and constructive feedback than family members.

  9. Hi Darlene!

    Thank you so much for offering your lessons for free and putting so much detail in it. :) I heard that you were self taught, could you perhaps expand on your journey? I’ve only started drawing again and I’m mostly self taught too, but I never reached the level you are so I would love to hear your journey.

    Thanks again for you time!

    • Whoa, how did I miss this comment?? Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Nice to see another self-taught artist here as well :)

      I was always into visual arts as a child, but never drew portraits until sometime in high school because it looked so intimidating! I started out drawing celebrities. They looked awful, but I just kept going at it. One day, I decided to document the process by taking a picture of each step and turning it into a video. I loved seeing the progression so much that I made more and more and shared them on YouTube (my old channel) – despite having no confidence in the finished product. Since I knew people were watching my work, I was even more determined to improve. I learned a lot by observation and trial and error. Once I find patterns of error, I try to correct myself no matter what my brain is telling me to do. I drew almost everyday – especially in school…. during classes haha. I definitely learned the hard way :P

    • Hi Drani! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)
      If you mean, how can you be more comfortable with your artwork, my suggestion is to just draw until you can’t draw anymore. It’s as simple as that. Really get to know yourself and your drawing style, your strengths and weaknesses. It helps to draw every day. Once you get older, you’ll find that time just slips you by. So whatever it is you want to do, do it now :)

  10. I’m so happy I found your website. Ever since I first started finding an interest in drawing, I’ve been using your techniques and they’re amazing! I’ve impressed all of my friends with my drawings, even though they’re a bit wobbly. Thank you for making this website!


    • That’s awesome Rose! If you need any help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email via the contact page :)

  11. You are AMAZING! I hope to be as good as you one day but I’m not quite there yet! Love your videos and your awesome creations, especially the Jack Sparrow Wall of Epic! Keep up the inspiring work!!! :)

    • Cool I’m going to bookmark this site\ page as I’ve just began, drawing And the tips ext here are just brilliant….now I’ll be drawing in months not decades like I thought…I will post , something in a few weeks just to show what I’ve gotten from your help….thank you so much as I was about too give my pencils away.